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Let’s build something together.

After talking to a number of volunteer groups, we discovered that the greatest need right now is food – so that’s where we are focused. Delivering food and pharmacy needs is crucial because normal delivery systems are not keeping up, and vulnerable people can’t access what they need. At the same time, farmers’ markets have too much food and no way to distribute it – so there’s an obvious need for systems that can solve this problem. We are already delivering food in LA with a pilot group, but we hope to expand into more areas soon. A number of volunteer organizations already exist, using ‘ad hoc’ systems, but they need decent tools to organize themselves. We already have a big queue of people wanting to use our system. Please come help us build it!

We’ve been working on resilience apps since Hurricane Sandy. This effort is based on work we did in the last couple of years. We’ve focused on post-disaster resilience in communities but a hurricane is different from a pandemic, so we’ve been working hard with our new volunteers (over 150 active people on Slack) to change our code to focus on where the need is greatest. We’ve also been getting ourselves organized but we’re ready for you to join us now.

We need your help.

We’re ready to get more people on board to help us cover more than just food delivery. Donor sponsoring of food and resources for families in need is high on our list. Our solution is all about enabling local communities to build networks of trust and reputation. Come help us get it out there!

We would love your help – no matter your skills!

UI/UX Designers

To make our solution effective, design matters.


React, Firebase, Web Dev, Node, Python, JS.

Mobile First, accessible, responsive.

Technical writers

Documentation can help make or break a project.

Community organizers, community volunteers, project managers

Please come and help us build the tool communities need. We want to connect with all groups that might be able to use this tool and get it out there so it can help volunteers to help others.


What’s a global app without localization?

Communications and Marketing folk

We need to organize ourselves and get the word out to the world.

Data scientists

For the contact-tracing API behind the scenes, ensuring everyone involved is safe and their information remains private. Our SafeTraceAPI project needs your help!


We want to make sure the app is accessible, easy to use, and bug-free!

Let’s build something together.

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