Resilience App

ResilienceApp is a 100% open-source tool for coordinating and organizing volunteers, donations, and ‘missions’. Our team of hundreds of developers and designers are so busy building the app we don’t have time to update this page that often. We are also working to create a new web presence specifically for the software tool. But, for now, take a look at our documentation as a way to understand the current state of that app.

You can also see a staging version of the resilience app, and sure, why not take a look at our figma designs and our github here.

We need to work together as communities to support and sustain each other. And community resilience or ‘mutual aid’ is at the core of what we do.

Volunteer groups are already using things like google sheets to get organised but they are rapidly finding the limitations of that approach. Our solution aims to be a ‘next step’ for such groups to allow them to scale up to more members and help more people.

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