What is Resilience?

Resilience: The ability to recover from changes or disasters.
Resilience is a collective and also the name of the volunteering/organizing software developed by that collective. We are a non-profit (501 C).

Can I start a Resilience group?

Sure! If you already have your own branding, you can use the app as white-label software. The more the merrier.

Where are you based?

The founders are in the US and New Zealand, and the other volunteers are from all six continents (no Antarcticans yet).

How can I help you build this?

See our Volunteer page and join the Slack! 

Will I get paid?

Nope, none of us do. It’s a passion project for everyone involved. All the donations we get go to buying more crates and hosting costs. Benefits: feeling good about contributing, adding something to your resume, and networking with cool people from all over the world. 

How can I help my community using this?

Join a mutual aid group, or start one if there aren’t any.

But what’s mutual aid?

It’s the difference between solidarity and charity. Mutual aid is based on mutual gratitude, listening, and trust, and emphasizes self-determination and agency. It’s a horizontal model of giving compared to charity’s top-down model. You may be the recipient today, but I could need your help tomorrow.

I am from the future and COVID-19 has been eliminated. Is this over?

No. Communities outlast disasters (natural or man-made), and our goal is to make them connected, resilient, and kind. People show love in times of hardship, and we want that love to last. Missions don’t have to be about food delivery. There’s always a way to help someone.

How can I trust the volunteers to not contaminate the delivery box?

Community organizers are responsible for the conduct of volunteers working with them, and individual volunteers are also responsible for their own conduct. There is also a scoring system to gain credibility based on past actions within the app. We recommend reading this guide before volunteering. Ideally, wash everything with vinegar and leave the crate outside.

Can I modify your project and run with it?

We’re open source, so if you come up with an idea for a feature and want to add it, we’d be more than happy for you to do that. In the sense of forking the project, we think fragmentation hurts progress. Let us know what your needs are, and we’ll work with you to get things done.

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